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not much of a photo guy.

Hey! I'm Lachie

I love to program, and I've made some cool apps and games since I started at age 7.
I especially like to make tools that are heavily automated, unique, funny and sometimes comically useless.
On this 3rd revamp of my website, you can find out more about me along with my past and upcoming projects.


Accomplishments & Reviews


Replit ML Hackathon

$3,000 USD won for my first ever attempt at AI, an image filter remover.

ICAS High Distinction

Digital Technologies 2021

Merit - Melbourne Uni MSRC

Melbourne University Mathematics and Statistics Research Competition - Merit! Best in the grade too :)

Academic Merit

Year 7 Semester 2, as well as Year 8 Semester 1 and 2.


Bounty - ReplitIronclad

CodingMaster delivered high-quality content with amazing swiftness. His communication skills and coding skills are top-of-the line, would definitely recommend for your next Bounty.


Bounty - Matthew_Morriso

Clothing recognition website, where a user can upload a photo and get characteristics like type & color. Completed with a 5/5 score.

Desktop Mark Review

I really loved testing Desktop Mark. Lil mark who bounces around your screen, and sometimes gets in your way, but it's fun when that happens! Some minigames that will help you earn money to gain new customization. Overall, I love it!

~ bddy

Desktop Mark Review

This game is really good, probably my favourite game right now. This game puts a smiley face named "Mark" that bounces around your screen kind of like a DVD screensaver ... This is a surprisingly good game

~ crapbass

Desktop Mark Review

Hands down one of the best games of all time

~ jasermomm

Desktop Mark Review

Desktop Mark is art, a masterpiece that no other game in history could ever beat. The game takes an original spin on the idle game concept. Making it a small distraction to help with boredom. I am surprised as to why Desktop Mark wasn't nominated for Player's choice on the game awards.

~ Shaggy

Dodecadone Review

This game is fantastic for observing wacky physics and gaining inspiration for making one's own game. Super fun and engaging.

~ The Chef Meow

Bookie my beloved

ooo yeah that neumorphism is pretty cool


Y8 S2 Mathematics


Y8 S2 Science


Y8 S2 English


Y8 S2 Humanities

I'm just getting started with Year 9, so expect more from this section soon!

Let's talk

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